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Public Safety Plan

Police officers are now spending more resources and time on violent crime. Property crimes like burglaries, car and bike thefts, shoplifting and vandalism require more attention, but our resources are insufficient.

For some, supporting the police is a new talking point to gain votes, but for me, for 7 years as a City Councilmember and for 20 years as a Prosecutor I have always supported public safety. Public Safety isn’t something you can give up on, or ignore without real-world harm occurring to your community. Public Safety is a fundamental priority for me, not a fad that changes based on how political winds may be blowing.

Crime is up in Long Beach and in most of California due to the early release of prisoners and new state law reducing penalties for many crimes. Every day, we have seen the new challenges facing our local communities and the courts. Long Beach does not have sufficient resources to address the spike in both violent and property crimes across the city. Funding promised to cities is not likely to materialize. Our police officers and firefighters are doing more with less and need our help.

As Mayor, I am committed to working with experts and community members to make public safety a priority in the City of Long Beach.


As a council member, I initiated the agenda item that brought body-worn cameras Long Beach to promote transparency and accountability.

As part of the agenda item I brought to council, my staff and I, in collaboration with community leaders all over the city, researched every single innovative program being used throughout the country. It contained many programs for us to consider. Ideas such as:

  • Chair of Public Safety Committee for 6 years, leading Long Beach’s focus on policing and public safety.
  • Consistent supporter of our Police Officers and our Police Department
  • Regular advocate for increased public safety budget not reductions
  • Reopen Fire Station 8 
  • Reopen Community Hospital ER 
  • Support of PD Helicopter Program and K9 units 
  • Neighborhood Impact Prosecutor for Belmont Shore 
  • Creation of Standing No Trespassing Order Programs  
  • Free App-Based Voluntary Bike Registration Program 
  • Dedication of $350,000 for residential burglaries detail 
  • 100 New Neighborhood Watch Programs 
  • 48-hour encampment clean up policy with Homeless Outreach Teams present to connect PEH to services 
  • Support of Quality of Life Officers 
  • Supported InJail Clinician 
  • Park Ranger Pilot Program in Bixby Park 
  • Put a stop to Ghost Guns in Long Beach

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